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Why Buy From Us?


So now you've saved enough of your hard-earned salary and you're ready to splurge it all on your dream guitar. Where do you go...? Of course there are loads of online retailers and brick and mortar shops around the country to source from these days. Having said that, purchasing from TC Music Enterprise is almost always a new experience for most buyers. Here we list down our value propositions that most players, collectors, and guitar lovers like yourself can certainly relate to:



1. We are passionate musicians and we love guitars


Nothing annoys us genuine musicians more than walking into a music store and,... talking to stale ex-direct selling, ex-insurance agents, or even ex-car salesmen who are trying to 'hard sell' purely for revenue and monthly numbers every time. We know musicians have soul, intricacy, and mojo. They will only buy the instruments that speak to them and touch their inner creative feelings. At TC Music Enterprise, we have more than 25 years of experience dealing with used, fine, and vintage American guitars. We are overjoyed just by sharing guitar adventures, histories, and that reverred sweet woody tone with you. Feel free to pop by and have a chat with us, and please do take your own sweet time to evaluate your favourite gears here. No pressure and "hard sells" at all!


2. Our gears are authentic and come with vintage certification


Most of our guitars are sourced from the US, Europe, Japan, & Australia. We try as much as possible to retain originality in the spirit of collectibility. Here at TC Music Enterprise we are proud to offer complimentary vintage certifications for all our pre-1980 gears. In addition to showcasing your vintage property with a valid certificate, it will also save you the hassle of trying hard to convince the next buyer should you decide to expand or disband your precious collection in the future.


3. We accept higher trade in values for guitars purchased from us


We understand that musicians often have G.A.S. (gear acquisition syndromes). Tell me about it, we get that all the time too!!! Should you decide to upgrade to a more deluxe piece later on, we will always welcome your old instrument for buy-back either by trade-in or by cash sale. Naturally, guitars purchased from TC Music Enterprise should always enjoy a better buy-back value than others (T&C applies). Kindly enquire within for more details.



4. All guitars are professionally setup, serviced, and packed before shipment


As players ourselves, we believe that a properly setup & serviced guitar will bring joy, satisfaction, and confidence for the performing musician. When you buy an instrument from us, you will always enjoy free professional setup & service (restringing, intonation, string action, radius height, cleaning, etc.) before shipment to suit to your unique playing style. We also offer free advice on how to improve your tone and your signal chain. Feel free to ask us if you need consultation.

We will personally pay close attention in ensuring that your carefully chosen guitars / amps / pedals / etc. are professionally packed for all modes of transits to arrive safely, whether the journey is to the Americas, Europe, Asia, Japan, Australia, or simply domestically. All of our shipments come with tracking numbers and are fully insured for your peace of mind. Trust us, we have been in your shoes too, and we understand the anxiety which accompanies the shipment of instruments either intra cities and states or across international borders.

5. Express global insured shipping by FedEX

Our relationship with FedEX dates back to almost two decades ago; long before TC Music Enterprise was even incorporated. It is with this experience and trust that we exclusively appointed FedEX to handle all of our international freight and logistics services today. So sit back, relax, and wait for that beloved instrument of yours to arrive promptly and safely at your doorstep, every time.

6. Respect of commercial laws & ethics 


Here at TC Music Enterprise, we strongly believe in upholding commercial laws & ethics for both the online and the general musical community. Our positive reviews clearly represent what we stand for, and we  go the extra mile to correctly represent our products and services every time . Counterfeits, frauds, and scams are not in our vocabulary and likewise, we will never ever tolerate such activities. TC Music Enterprise maintains a strict zero tolerance policy on all counterfeit, fraudulent, and scam items. All items that pass through our company undergo stringent authenticity checks. In the event that any consigned item is found to be counterfeit, it will be handed over to law enforcement for further action. The item may also be used against the consignor in legal proceedings. 

Please be aware that TC Music Enterprise fully cooperates with authorities and related premium brands to track down the source of counterfeit goods and will reveal any and all contact information of consignors submitting such products to us.

We also know customer service is an important aspect to any entity being consumers ourselves. Be assured that we will not neglect on our after-sales duties. Feel free to contact us anytime should you have any issues or defects encountered from your purchase. We believe in resolving issues amicably between all parties.


Thank you and happy shopping!


1938 Martin D-18

circa 2000

West Mobile Music

Mobile, AL

The journey so far...

Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick's 1959 Gibson Les Paul Std. 'Burst' circa 1996

Gruhn Guitars

Nashville, TN

One for the road from George . . .

Jam Night Oct 2014

The Daily Pint

Petaling Jaya,


Seymour Duncan

Arlington Fall Show '96

The Man In Black's Guitar

Eric Clapton & His Band

14 Feb 2011

Singapore Indoor Stadium,


with Seymour W. Duncan

21 Oct 1996

Arlington Guitar Show,

Arlington, TX


with Dato' David Arumugam of The Alleycats

7 Nov 2014

The Daily Pint Restaurant & Bar

Kelana Jaya, PJ


The Bluestankers

Brown Black Blues Appreciation Night 2008

Kelab Golf Negara Subang,


with Jimmy Sax

27 Oct 2015

Healy Mac's Irish Bar & Restaurant

Ampang, KL


with Raja Badri Shah @ Badri Blues

26 Dec 2015

Kota Damansara, PJ


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