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Selling Or Trading Us Your Guitar(s):

You've come to the right place if you're thinking "I want to sell my guitar(s)", "I need to sell my guitar(s)" or "I want to trade my vintage guitar(s)". 

We typically buy and trade original vintage guitars including original vintage Fenders, original vintage Gibsons, original vintage Martins, and original vintage Fender & Marshall tube amps. We will sometimes also consider buying good used USA made guitars as well as some very limited and collectible effect pedals and others. We particularly love both original vintage Fender Stratocasters and Gibson Les Pauls. Top dollar is reserved for both ultra clean and original vintage instruments and amps. Please refrain from offering us your vintage merchandise(s) if you have prior knowledge that they have been refinished, heavily modified and altered, parts changed to non-era specific components, and etc. We do not buy fake merchandises, ever. 

We may buy your guitar(s) outright, or you may choose to consign it / them to us. If you are looking for premium dollar, consignment may be your best choice. Please call us to discuss. In either case, here are five steps for selling us your guitar:


5 Steps For Selling Or Trading Us Your Guitar(s) or Equipment(s):


1. If you have a digital camera, send us the following pictures: Full front, front body, front headstock, full back, back body, back headstock, any problem areas like modifications or major dings. For electric instruments or amps, kindly provide us clear photos of the internal components and/or circuit boards; ie inside the control cavities, pickups, potentiometers, switches, capacitors, and etc. You may view any of our guitars for sale here and see how we do it normally.


2. Tell us the serial number. For Gibsons, it is usually on the back of the headstock. Fenders usually have a serial number on the neck plate which hold the neck to the body on the back of the guitar. There are also serial no.s imprinted on the headstocks of some vintage and modern Fenders.


3. If you have an asking price in mind, let us know this so we can tell if we are in the ball park price-wise.


4. If you know the history of the guitar, please include details (i.e., you are the original owner, bought it from the original owner in 19xx, photographic evidences, letters, invoices, receipts, memos, and etc.)


5. Contact information including email address, telephone number, location and best time to call. With this information, we will be in a better position to make you an offer for your guitar. We often travel to meet clients who wish to sell their guitars so let us know if you’d prefer this arrangement. We will pay you via Telegraphic Transfer, PayPal, Western Union, Moneygram, or cold hard cash – it is your choice.


Call us to discuss at (60) 12 791 0075  or by using the communication tools available below if you have any questions.

* If you do not receive a reply from us within one business day, it usually means that we are unable to purchase or accept in trade your proposed instrument(s) / gear(s). Kindly be informed.

Our Consignment Policy:

We are currently taking consignments for immediate sales. With our large sales client based network, we will make every effort to get your guitar in the right hands. 

Some instruments listed on our website are for sale on a consignment basis. We will list your instrument free of charge on the condition that TC Music Enterprise is the exclusive selling agent for a minimum of 90 days, which may be extended by mutual agreement. It is a condition of consignment that the instrument must be held physically at our secure premises. All inspections by potential buyers are by appointment only, so the instrument must be available in good presentation condition, in our premises.

Pricing – As the owner, you set the minimum amount that you will accept for your instrument. TC Music Enterprise  will then list it for sale at a price agreed by both parties, which may be varied by mutual agreement. Naturally you will better prospects of a successful sale if the price is set realistically. As a matter of process, it is often the case that market forces will set the price for particular pieces at a certain time.

The Seller remains the owner of the Merchandise until it is sold. 

The Seller must complete a Consignment Agreement which specifies and identifies the instrument, describes its provenance (optional but recommended), states the agreed value at which it will be offered for sale by consignment, and guarantees that you are the owner of the instrument, or are authorised to sell it.

Sales commission to TC Music Enterprise is a flat fee of 30% of the sale price and is payable only when the sale has been completed.

We guarantee to pay the Seller the sale price minus commission within 30 business days of the buyer’s funds being cleared. You will be notified of your successful sale 2-3 weeks after your item has been purchased and de-listed from our website – this is to ensure that no false celebrations occur in case the purchaser decides to return or exchange the product ☺ Woohoo!

Please Note:

If after any exclusive consignment period, you sell your instrument to a buyer who was introduced to you by TC Music Enterprise, the full commission of 30% is payable. This is similar to a real estate agency contract, and simply protects TC Music Enterprise from the possibility of non-payment for work carried out on your behalf in good faith.

If you list your instrument on an auction site, general sales site, or elsewhere, we may cordially decline to list your goods on the TC Music Enterprise site, i.e. we may remove your instrument from our website and / or terminate the Consignment Agreement subject to Terms & Conditions signed.

If you have recently had an unsuccessful attempt at selling your instrument on one of the auction or general sales sites (online, etc.), then we reserve the right to NOT stock your instrument for consignment on TC Music Enterprise for some months, to be determined on a case by case basis. This is due to the likelihood that when an instrument has been passed in on an alternative site, most buyers' expectation of selling price may have been dramatically reduced.

We welcome all Players, Collectors, Celebrities, VVIPS, and alike. Should you request anonymity, rest assured we will respect it with strict confidentiality and discreetness at all times. This is our guarantee to you on behalf of the trust you place in us.

Inspection Hours:

Inspections are usually available by appointment 12.00 pm – 8.00 pm Tuesday to Sunday or at another mutually agreeable time. Unfortunately, we cannot accept any spontaneous walk-ins without prior appointment being made. Kindly be informed.

Thank you for your interest.

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