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Pro. Guitar Restorations 



Restoration Work:

We accept some select restoration work on Fender Telecaster, Stratocaster & Gibson Les Paul electric guitars. Our professional vintage restoration service grew out of Terence's love of vintage guitars and experiences restoring them. Please contact us if you are interested in discussing restoration work.

Parts & Installation:

  • Vintage correct Fender neck plates

  • Vintage accurate Fender Telecaster hardware

  • Authentic replicas or original Fender Stratocaster single coil pickups

  • Original or authentic replicas of Fender Stratocaster bridge, saddles, tremolo block / system, input jack, tuners, and etc.

  • Vintage accurate Fender Stratocaster plastic parts (vol., tone, switch tip, pickguard, tremolo cavity cover, etc.)

  • Vintage authentic 1959 Gibson Les Paul tuners, pickguards, P.A.F. pickup covers, and etc.

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