Pro. Instrument Setup & Service

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Electric Guitars - Hard Tail, Vintage Tremolo, Bigsby Equipped, Trapeze Tailpiece, Stop Tailpiece / Tune-O-Matic, Maestro Vibrolla, Floyd Rose, and etc.  (Fender Stratocaster, Fender Telecaster, Fender Jaguar, Fender Jazzmaster, Gibson Les Paul,  Gibson ES series, Gibson SG, Gibson Firebird, Gibson Flying V, Gibson Explorer, Paul Reed Smith, Rickenbacker, Ibanez, Yamaha, Hofner, Cort, & etc.)

Acoustic Guitars - Steel Strings & Nylon Strings (Martin, Gibson, Taylor, Guild, Adamas, Ovation, most Classicals, Archtops, & etc.)

Bass Guitars - Electric & Acoustic types (Fender Precision, Fender Jazz, Gibson EB-3, Gretsch Electromatic, Vox Phantom, most 4 Strings, 5 Strings, & 6 Strings)

Mandolins & Ukeleles - Electric & Acoustic types (Gibson, & etc.)

Others - Let's see what you got... Kindly enquire upon!




A.  Basic cleaning, conditioning / oiling, scratch removal, & polishing:


       1. Body cleaning; detailing, conditioning, fine-scratch removal (best effort) & instrument polishing.

       2. Fingerboard cleaning, conditioning / lemon-oiling.

       3. Frets cleaning & polishing.


B.  Restringing: Fresh pack of strings is provided FOC with package:

    1.  Electric guitars: Your choice of D'Addario USA, Ernie Ball USA, Rotosound UK: 9 - 42  or 10 - 46 string gauge sizes

         available all year long. For any other brands & gauges, kindly request upon. We normally use Nickel on Steel type

         strings for electric guitars. However, other special requests such as Flat Wound strings or Pure Nickel Steel

         strings are also available for additional surcharge only to cover cost of the strings. Kindly enquire within if you're

         interested in using other types of string technologies for your instrument. This is subject to stock availability.

    2. For acoustic steel strings, we generally stock Phosphor Bronze or 80/20 types by D'Addario and Martin Guitars.

    3. Coated strings such as Elixir or D'Addario's, and others will generally have a surcharge of *RM50 that applies.

    4. We also cater for 12 string guitars, bass guitars, mandolins, and ukuleles. Kindly enquire within for more info.


C.  Playing action setup (bridge / saddle, & nut), strings intonation, pickups height

     adjustment, compensation, fine-tuning, neck evaluation & adjustment of relief, all with

     our professional tools and gauges.

D.  Basic hardware check & cleaning (bridge, tail-piece, tremolo, nut, tuners, pickguard,           and etc.), and diagnosis*.


E.  Basic electronics check & cleaning (pickups, vol. pots, tone pots, capacitors, resistors,

     switches, etc.), and diagnosis*.


F.  General advice on tone improvement & upgrades* (wherever necessary)

G. A job completion report will be provided for each instrument as service record for

    future reference.

* Subject to revision














Electric guitars wiring work scope (including troubleshooting and repairs):

a. Pickups installation (upgrading / one to one replacement) - * no routing required, etc.

b. Installation of potentiometers (including push-pull or push-push type)

c. Capacitors upgrade / replacement

d. Treble bleed circuit installation

e. Pickups coil-splitting circuit installation

f.  Pickups parallel circuit installation

g. Pickups phase inversion circuit installation

h. 3 way toggle switch installation (one to one replacement)

i.  3 way blade switch installation (one to one replacement)

j.  5 way blade switch installation (one to one replacement)

k. Output jack installation (one to one replacement)

l.  Others (kindly enquire upon)

a. Labor Cost (by using your own supplied components / parts): Flat rate of RM 120 per instrument (on any jobs a. to k. listed above).

b. Labor Cost (inclusive of our supplied components / parts, and/or by purchasing any of the other products or services that we offer here, but our supplied components / parts are additionally charged): Flat rate of RM 100 per instrument (on any jobs a. to k. listed above).

c. Labor Cost for troubleshooting & repairs only (no hardware and / or components are involved): Flat rate of RM 120 per instrument (minimum charge) - typically involving rewiring / soldering / circuit rectification works only.

d. Labor Cost for handling of any types of semi-hollow / hollow body guitars requiring any form of electrical works above (a. to k.): Surcharge of additional RM 80 per instrument (in addition to Options a, b,  or  c mentioned above).

We welcome enquiries from other musical establishments as well (music retail stores, jamming & recording studios, music schools, and etc.)  Kindly please contact us for Corporate rates.


i.     All additional part(s) replacement and its associated labor charges at additional cost.


ii.    Depending on complexity of the job or no. of instruments involved, instruments are usually

       completed within the same day in customer's premises / our premises. More challenging

      jobs may require extended hours and should be mutually agreed upon by both parties before       start of the job. Transportation & logistics charges may apply - kindly enquire within.

iii.  We allow up to a maximum of 30 days for instrument collection after setup/service/repair

      work is completed. Uncollected instruments after this period will come with additional

      late collection charge of RM10 per day or at the discretion of TC Music Enterprise, until the

      instrument is collected. Therefore, please collect your instruments on a timely basis.


" Happily serving all Collectors & Players alike! "

Our setup and service will provide your instrument(s) with a comfortable "broken-in" feel and ensures optimal playability and stability, in addition to a clean and polished groomed look


Call / Message (60) 12 791 0075 for more details








Strings action gauge

Strings action gauge

Strings action gauge

Strings action gauge

Strings height radius gauge

Strings height radius gauge

String height radius gauge

String height radius gauge



Neck support

Neck support

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