HD 1080p video
Up to 24bit/96kHz HD audio


The Q2HD Handy Video Recorder combines the great audio you've come to expect from Zoom with high-definition video, all in one compact package. Its advanced video sensor and built-in MS microphone allow you to shoot lifelike movies with superb stereo sound and then stream your work online. It can also serve as a web camera, a USB microphone, or a standalone audio recorder. However you use your Q2HD—for recording live musical performances, auditions and rehearsals, or for journalism, education, sports or travel—it enables you to capture the moment and then relive it over and over. You can count on your Q2HD to deliver superior video and pristine audio wherever you go. Here are just a few ways you can use it: Recording and streaming live concerts, recitals, auditions, and band rehearsals Shooting music videos Making video lessons—perfect for showing fingerings, bowings, and other playing techniques Capturing sports activities Reporting news Conducting interviews in the field Creating lasting memories of places you travel to and important events in your life such as weddings, graduations, parties, etc.


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Zoom Q2 HD Handy Video Recorder (New) - SOLD