The ZOOM G2.1U Multi-Effects Pedal is a multifaceted practice, recording, and performance tool for guitar. Combining 54 effects with expression pedal, 16 modeled amp tones based on the best amps and cabinets ever made, a drum machine, and a USB connection for computer recording, the G2.1U gives you great tone in any situation. A combination of 24-bit/96 kHz sampling and 32-bit signal processing gives your guitar the power and punch you need not to get lost in the mix, whether live or on disc. Tonal nuances can be dialed in precisely using either the six-band linear equalizer or the two-band parametric EQ. The parameters are adjusted using analog-feel knobs for intuitive operation. The history-making sounds that are faithfully modeled in the G2.1U include famous amps and infamous stomp boxes, a tube pre-amp, and an acoustic simulator. If the sound you're after has toured the world, it's in here. Enhancing these classic sounds are a massive suite of 54 effects, nine of which can be used simultaneously. To make live performance seamless, the G2.1U features an extremely fast 5ms switchover time when changing patches. This, combined with extremely quiet operation and ease of editing, make the modeled tones and effects as easy to work with as they are to listen to. And when it's time to woodshed, the built-in tuner and drum machine streamline the process, so you can use your time practicing instead of setting up and breaking down. Encased in a high-quality metal chassis with rubber damping, the G2.1U delivers versatile, high-quality features and construction with the attention to detail demanding guitarists expect. 16 Virtual Amps and Stomp Boxes: Drawn from the best sounds in the history of the electric guitar, the sixteen amp and stomp box models contained in the G2.1U represent an arsenal of tone that gives you the sound you want in a twist or two of the editing knobs. 54 Quality Effects: All the effects you expect, and a few that may surprise you, are packed into the G2.1U. From the basics like chorus, EQ, reverbs, and a selection of delays, to far-out special effects like slow attack and ring modulator. Quiet Operation: ZOOM's proprietary noise-reduction circuit keeps your guitar whisper-quiet when you're not playing. USB Connection: The USB jack in the back of the G2.1U makes direct computer recording possible. It even comes with Cubase LE, a multi-track recording program, so you can get going right out of the box. Built-In Tuner and Drum Machine: When you practice, you don't want to waste too much time setting up and breaking down. With a tuner and rhythm trainer built right in, you'll spend your time more productively. 40 Presets: The G2.1U comes loaded with 40 preset tones from the greatest players in history, and there are 40 more blank presets waiting for your own homemade creations. Lightning-Fast Patch Changes: The time it takes to change from one patch to another is only 5 milliseconds, so you don't have to think about it or time it out. You just hit the button when you want the sound. Assignable Expression Pedal: The integrated expression pedal can be assigned as a volume pedal, a wah pedal, a ring modulator, or you can control any of the effects modules. You can even switch an effect module on and off by depressing the toe end of the pedal's range.


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Zoom G2.1U Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal w/USB Interface c/w box (EXC) - SOLD