Beyond the conventional guitar effects unit! The Zoom 505II packs everything you've ever looked for in an effects pedal into one compact, versatile unit! An multi-effects system contained in one pedal, you get 33 astonishing guitar effects, amp modeling and the ability to use nine effects at once. Over tweleve different distortion effects alone give you plenty of options to choose from! Distortion isn't all the Zoom 505II does. There's sweet-sounding Chorus, Pitch Shift, a fantastic Delay effect aand more. The Acoustic effect gives your full-on electric axe the authentic sounds of an acoustic/electric guitar. And it's all right here in one extremely easy to use unit! •includes a total of 33 guitar effects, arranged in seven modules •easy analog operation •nine powerful new guitar effects and amp modeling •Extremely durable space-age plastic and a flat control surface take the worry out of carrying it in the same case with other gear •features new distortion effects including Clean, Scream, Wild and Shred; along with new modulation effects such as Cry, Tremolo, Ring Modulation, Slow Attack and Echo •Up to nine effects can be used at the same time •In addition to 12 different types of smooth, rich distortion sounds, the 505II features world-famous guitar amp sounds created using ZoomÕs proprietary VAMS (Variable Architecture Modeling System) technology • A large rotary selector, easy-to-read red LED display and foot switches make the 505 II truly user friendly •Sounds can be easily stored in up to 36 patch locations •ZNR (Zoom Noise Reduction) •28 hours of continuous operation with four size AA alkaline batteries plus AC operation •a rear panel input for an expression pedal •integrated auto chromatic tuner. e-User Manual is provided with this sale. Does NOT come with four size AA batteries and also AC/DC adaptor. Kindly be advised. Thank you.

Zoom 505 II Guitar Multi-Effect Japan (VG) - SOLD