BLACKGUARD- Telecaster Style Guitars from 1950- 1954 By Nacho Banos (2005). The Blackguard is a book about the earliest Fender Telecaster style guitars produced from 1950 to 1954 by Fender Musical Instruments in Fullerton California. The book is written in English and comes in a large 12" x 12" coffee-table format with beautiful color photos throughout, totaling nearly 2000 photos in all (aprox. 10lbs), of classic Tele's, including Broadcasters, Nocasters, Telecasters, and Esquires. About 50 guitars are disassembled and photographed in detail, and another 20 more are pictured in beautiful settings. Along with the photos, each model year is explained in detailed text. The book is limited to 5500 number copies. All books are numbered from 0001 to 5500 in the same style as the original Blackguard Tele serial numbers (stamped on the bridge plate of front cover photo and inside the book as well). All come with a protective case. 412 pages, hardbound book.


Note: This extremely rare quantity book is now being back-ordered from some available remaining quantities. These are New Old Stock (NOS) condition. Please do allow 1-2 weeks for the back-ordering processing time before you will actually receive your copy. For any questions, please contact / message us immediately. Please check with us on the actual book's availability before placing your purchase order. This will prevent any disappointment at your end. The actual copy of the book may contain some notes from the Author like signature, etc. (which is inevitable). The serial no. shown above is for reference only and not the actual serial no. that you may get with the book. This is a heavy book, at more than 10Lbs / 4.54kg in weight and 12" x 12" in dimensions. Please note that shipping cost commensurates with the shipping weight, dimensions, and the delivery time. Thank you for your kind understanding.

The Blackguard -- Telecaster Style Guitars from 1950- 1954 By Nacho Banos


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