• MM & MC support • Precise RIAA equalisation • Ultra low noise circuitry • ECC 83 tube output stage • Input impedance adjustment for low output MC on front • Input capacitance adjustment in 4 steps (MM & Hi-output MC) • Switchable subsonic filter • Gold plated RCA sockets • Metal casing protects against vibration and interference • DC power supply (< 1 watt standby power) • Front-sided On/Off switch • Faceplate silver finish Premium phono preamplifier with tube output and highend sound! This precision tube phono preamplifier benefits from outstanding circuit technology from Dr. Sykora and uses ultimate components. For the first time a variable selection of input impedance for MC cartridges can be done while playing a record! Other features include input capacitance for MM cartridges and switchable subsonic, that prevents your amplifier and speakers of ultra low rumble below 20Hz. All components including tube output and polypropylene capacitors are audiophile-grade and guarantee a breathtaking sound experience. A perfect upgrade for ambitious vinyl lovers! Thank you.

Project Audio Systems Tube Box DS -SOLD


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