Sustain and Compression plus Distortion, When You Want It!


Plug into the Pigtronix Philosopher's Tone compressor/sustainer pedal and make your guitar come alive! You can make your leads scream more, tame transient spikes in your rhythm-guitar work, or just make your axe sound richer overall. The Philospher's Tone pedal gives you a treble EQ knob, a blend control, threshold and ratio controls, and even smooth diode clipping (when you want to add that perfect touch of distortion). Best of all, you can drastically increase your guitar's sustain with virtually no noise, so this compact and pedalboard-ready box is perfect for your rig!



Pigtronix Philospher's Tone Sustain Pedal Features:


  • Incredible sustain with virtually no noise
  • Adjustable threshold and ratio put you in complete control
  • Blend control allows you to combine compressed and uncompressed signals
  • Smooth diode clipping distortion gives you natural overdrive
  • Treble EQ lets you easily brighten or smooth out your tone
  • Super-compact, pedalboard-friendly chassis
  • True-bypass switching
  • 18VDC adapter included


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The Pigtronix Philospher's Tone pedal gives you incredibly flexible sustain - straight from your pedalboard!

Pigtronix Philosopher's Tone Compressor/Sustainer USA (G) - SOLD