This is my classic Naim Audio NAIT integrated amplifier. It's the original version made in the early 1980s. UK voltage (240V)

S/N: 39306 ; made in 1987 according to NAIM's serial no. table as attached.

Comes equipped with a built in phono stage so turntable operation is supported.

Recently serviced (8 Mar 2016) by local NAIM repairman, so it's good for another 30 more years of faithful NAIM music:

1. All 13 no.s of capacitors replaced
2. Volume control replaced
3. All 4 no.s of rubber feet replaced
4. Current bias calibration done.
5. Speaker terminals checked and serviced.
6. New 3 pin UK style Duraplug installed.
7. General service and cleanup to ensure top-notch performance.

All of the replaced parts will be included with the sale together with receipt of the latest servicing done.

As such, this amplifier is as 'new' as it gets. The PRAT is as ever present in this amplifier for you NAIM fans out there.

Please PM me if you have any other questions.

Thank you.

NAIM Audio NAIT Integrated Amplifier UK - SOLD


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