For more than 50 years, Marshall has been the name in defining overdrive and distortion tone. An update of the famous original, the Marshall BB-2 Bluesbreaker pedal captures all the characteristics of the classic Bluesbreaker drive pedal. It introduces an additional boost function, allowing you to push your tone through to the front of the mix. From subtle, transparent drive to screaming lead tones, you can use it to shape that iconic breaking up sound to your specific needs. With separate blues and boost modes, it has adjustable drive, volume and tone controls. Like all Marshall products, it is built in a road-tough, robust, solid housing built for years of playing.




  • Power 9v (battery or AC/DC powered) - both are not included in this sale FYI
  • Input:Guitar inputOutput:Signal out/bypassControls:Blues or boost mode switch, drive control, tone control, volume controlDimensions:120 mm / 4.7" (W) X 65 mm / 2.6" (H) X 55 mm / 2.2" (D)Weight:0.51 kg / 1 lbs
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Marshall Bluesbreaker 2 (BB-2) Effect Pedal (G) - SOLD


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