Leicas inspire more passion than any other camera, and the Leica M is the company's crowning achievement. That's why second-hand copies of the first edition of this popular cult camera book cost a fortune. Long-awaited, the new version is thoroughly updated by the man who wrote the original: Leica's former top technical expert, Gunter Osterloh. This reader-friendly course contains a goldmine of technical information, as well as a treasure trove of insider knowledge about the equipment. Leica's famed lenses alone receive almost 100 pages of coverage, and there are schematic diagrams, a discussion of optical principles, plenty of advice on how to shoot memorable pictures, and much more. Of course, every Leica M model from the M1 through today's Leica M7 camera is included, with explanations of metering, focusing, film advance, and flash systems, plus technical guidance on everything from existing-light photography to working in extreme climates. Professional and serious amateur photographers will snap up this unmatched guide, as will retailers, bookstores, collectors, and anyone else interested in fine cameras. 

As a result of his long-time association with the company, Gunter Osterloh has witnessed every milestone in the development of Leica cameras. He served as Leica's leading technical expert for decades, and now is the technical editor of Leica Photography International and Leica World magazines, as well as an instructor at the Leica Academy.


Hardcover. All pages are in good condition. Thank you.

Leica M Advanced Photo School Book 1st Edition By Gunter Osterloh - SOLD


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