Laney CUB 10 10 watt Guitar Combo Amplifier:


 The CUB10 is driven by a pair of 6V6GT power tubes which deliver 10 watts of classic tube tone. Its 10" speaker is custom-designed exclusively by HH. 




 10 Watts RMS; 10" Celestion Driver; 2 x ECC83 Pre Amp Tubes; 2 x 6V6GT Output Tubes; Hi & Lo Inputs, Tone, Volume, & Gain Controls.


 The perfect amp for that cranked up Blues and Rock tone!


* Power rating: 230V AC ; 50/60Hz (2 pin connector stock). Kindly be informed of the compatibility of this amplifier in your respective country by referring to its power rating.

** Shipping weight is approximately 22 Lbs / 10 kg and will be fully insured worldwide.


Thank you.

Laney CUB 10 (10W) All Tube Guitar Combo Amplifier (EXC) - SOLD