Here's a Handwired 3-Way Toggle Telecaster Prewired Kit with Stainless Steel Control Plate included. 

Components include: 

1. CTS 450 250K Ohm Potentiometers x 2 no.s 
2. Telecaster Chrome Dome Knobs x 2no.s 
3. Epiphone 3 Way Toggle Switch (Chrome, Amber Color Plastic Tip) 
4. Russian Paper In Oil 0.047uf +/- 10% 200V Tone Capacitor 
5. Orange Drop Treble Bleed Kit For Volume Control 
6. Connection using Gibson type braided wires 
7. Stainless Steel Control Plate (2.0mm thickness) 

Painstakingly hand soldered one by one by our skilled techs in our workbench in KL. All pre-wired kit circuits are hand QC tested before shipped out. We therefore guarantee first class workability, tone & performance for your guitar. 

Kindly message us directly if you would like to have advice on wiring diagrams, etc.

Thank you.

Labor of Love Handwired 3-Way Toggle Telecaster Prewired Kit 250K (N) - SOLD