Familiar with the term OCD? Yes? Well get everything just right with the Fulltone Obsessive Compulsive Drive Overdrive Pedal! This incredibly sensitive overdrive pedal recognises your playing attack and responds with precision, making sure your dynamics, whether picking or strumming are articulate and communicated with clarity complimented with stunning, natural harmonics. Responding to huge, driving chords and knowing when to rain it in for your more sensitive embellishments, the Fulltone OCD V1.7 Overdrive Pedal USA can handle it all. Create a vast array of sound and tonal options with a simple roll of your guitar's volume knob. Providing you with bright and responsive attack one of the more noticeable features of the Fulltone OCD V1.7 Overdrive Pedal USA is that it won't colour the natural tone of your guitar, something that's really important when you've tried so hard to nail your own signature sound! So time to get OCD and make everything all right with the Fulltone OCD V1.7 Overdrive Pedal USA! 

Key Features: Great overdrive tones Huge palette of available sounds Switchable hi- and lo-pass filters Switchable true-bypass modes Specifications: Type: Overdrive/Distortion Inputs: 1 x Instrument Outputs: 1 x 1/4" Power Supply Included: No Batteries: 1 x 9V (not included in this sale) Height: 2.1" Depth: 4.5" Width: 2.5" Weight: 1 lbs 

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Fulltone OCD V1.7 Overdrive Effect Pedal USA (VG) - SOLD


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