Rory Gallagher tribute Fender USA Custom Shop Stratocaster. This is the ultimate relic'd Strat. 2 piece alder body with a 1 piece maple neck and rosewood fretboard. There are 21 jumbo frets on the custom profile neck with a custom 9.5 inch radius to match Rory's neck that was re-fretted a few times. What little paint there is left on the guitar would have been 3 colour sunburst. There's a 3 ply mint green scratch plate housing 3 custom wound '60s single coil pickups, a 3-way selector switch and 2 tones and one volume control. The bridge is a very aged American vintage tremolo with curved saddles and vintage tremolo arm.

There are 5 Sperzel tuners and 1 locking Gotoh tuner to mimick Rory's guitar. The guitar is flawlessly put together. The relicing is done really well and it plays and feels so well worn in that you swear you'd owned it years the day you pick it up

Fender Rory Gallager Stratocaster CS USA - SOLD