Many books have been written and still do to this day on the life and musical career of Eric Clapton. This book, Part 1, focuses on his musical activities from the time he became a professional in 1963 to 1982. Mr. Roberty has compiled as much info as possible into his studio recording, live performances, concert tours and anything in between. Keeping the focus on the music and not too much on his personal life though intertwined throughout various stages of his musical endeavors, one can see that the man has covered so much musical ground it is quite a road traveled.
What does comes as a forefront is how much recordings both studio and live have not been released. Tons of Cream gigs, still unreleased Derek and the Dominoes material and a warehouse full of solo years that now some of those recordings are beginning to see the light of day.
Perhaps it won't take another 100 years before the rest is released, as some of us won't be here to listen to them.

Eric Clapton: The Complete Recording Sessions 1963-1992 by Marc Roberty


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