Modern Sounds For Today's Musician! 

The DigiTech Grunge Pedal has a legendary status few pedals have ever attained. Designed for cutting edge guitarists who want a unique sound, the Grunge Pedal provides the tones modern guitar players demand.

DigiTech Grunge Pedal at a Glance: 

Remarkably versatile guitar pedal (works on other instruments, too) Provides sustain, low and high boost and cut and distortion Easy-to-use 4-knob setting controls plus On/Off switch Reliable, long lasting battery life or AC adapter power Unique dual outs with cabinet emulation What's your sound? Grunge has it covered! Whether it's chunky rhythm or heavy grind you're after, the Grunge Pedal gets you these and everything in between. And for amazing sustaining leads, Grunge just goes on and on! No matter what you're looking for in an effect, just plug in the Grunge Pedal and find out why so many players have made this a top seller for more than a decade. And don't think the Grunge Pedal is just for guitars - try it on your vintage keyboard or on your workstation synth to shape those "digital" tones. 

Multiple effect parameters in one box: 

Besides sustain and distortion, the Grunge Pedal gives you both low and high frequency boost and cut controls for superior tone-shaping control. Go from a dark humbucker-style tone to a brighter single-coil pickup style with just a couple of knob turns. 

Easy-to-use controls for quick onstage changes: 

You know how much pressure you feel on the gig when you have to make settings changes in between songs - everybody's waiting for you! The Grunge Pedal makes changes easy with its simple 4-knob interface. Level (Loud) controls the distortion output level of your guitar signal.Low adjusts boost and cut of bass frequencies. High adjusts boost and cut of high frequencies. And Gain (Grunge) controls distortion gain from moderate to extreme. And once you're set up, the On/Off switch gives you instant foot-powered access to your sound. 

Power is not a problem! 

You won't have to worry about the Grunge Pedal letting you down on the gig. Besides its sturdy construction, the 9 volt alkaline battery gives you 18 hours of continuous use without a whimper. Or, use the optional PS200R power supply for convenience. 

Dual outputs with a bonus! 

The Grunge Pedal comes standard with dual outputs - but there's more to the story. The Amp output is set up for connecting directly to your guitar amplifier. But the Mixer output contains Cabinet Emulation circuitry that gives you "amp" sound while you connect directly to a mixing board or recording device. There's no need to mic up an amp! Of course you can mix them to suit your sonic desire. With all this going for it, no wonder the Grunge Pedal has achieved such fame among guitar players! 

DigiTech Grunge Pedal Features: 

- Sustain, distortion, and low and high boost/cut in one pedal 
- Easy-to-use 4-knob controls for quick setting changes 
- Loud, Low, High and Grunge controls, plus On/Off footswitch 
- 1/4" TS Input jack - Amp Out jack for amplifier connection 
- Mixer Out jack with built-in cabinet emulation for direct connection to mixer 
- 9 Volt Alkaline Dry Battery (not included) with approximately 18 hours of continuous use
- Optional PS200R power supply provides 4.8 watts 
- 4-15/16" length x 3-1/8" width x 2-1/8" height 
- Weight 1.38 lbs.

The DigiTech Grunge Pedal: A classic among guitar players!


Digitech Grunge Distortion Pedal c/w original box, etc. (New) - SOLD


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