The unique combination of current injection and LEF(load effect free) Single Ended Class A technology in only one amplifier per balanced analog output stage provides you today's best possible sound quality. All amplifier sections run without any overall negative feedback. Thus the amplifier creates no dynamic distortions. Included is a small section with standard HiFi-quality microphone amplifier plus A/D converter and a headphone amplifier. This section is intended for e.g. internet telephony.State-of-the-art Current Injection tecnologyCI(Current Injection) is a landmark technology for shortening the signal path, improving the sound quality and measurement specs significantly. The effective simplicity of CI requires a non-feedback-loop amplifer. While CI replaces the voltage amplifer, LEF guarantees best performance of the current amplifer with low THD.

CEC Co. Ltd. Digital Analog Converter DA53 (M) - SOLD


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