This is a used Boss XT-2 Xtortion Distortion cosmetically in good condition and is fully functional. No box, power supply, or battery. Will run off a 9v adapter or a 9v battery.

"The XT-2 is a love or hate type of distortion pedal. It's got a very hard edged distortion that sounds a bit different from other Boss distortion pedals. The tone controls are called Countour and Punch and is not just a renaming of bass and treble. Contour cuts highs or boosts highs and lows while Punch controls the distortion depth and adds a mid boost. Anyone tired of the convenional distortion sounds might like the XT-2. Pedal production started July 1996 and was released together with the PW-2 soon afterwards. Production ended 11 months later with less than 20 000 pedals made."

Boss Xtortion XT-2 Pedal MIT (EXC) - SOLD