Boss ME-X Expandable Multiple Effects Unit - Made in Japan (Circa 1994)

Built-in Effects:

  • 3-band Equalizer (EQ)

  • Noise Suppressor

  • Long Delay

  • Short Delay

  • Chorus/Flanger/Pitch Shifter

  • Reverb

  • (any six effects can be used simultaneously)

  • The ME-X lets you combine eight pro-quality onboard digital effects with three BOSS Compact Pedals. Compact pedal on/off status and onboard effects parameter settings can be stored as a Patch and 25 Patches can be memorized.

  • Tempo delay puts delay time in sync with the song tempo.

  • Easy 2-channel amp switching or effects mode switching plus MIDI control over external effects units.

  • Convenient Manual mode and built in chromatic tuner.

  • BOSS proprietary 16-bit AFA/D conversion for even delicate guitar picking nuances to be cleanly produced. Adaptive Focus (AF) AID conversion significantly reduces quantization noise, combining multiple samples to optimally match signal levels through AID conversion for smoother, more natural sound.

  • The originally supplied AC/DC adaptor by Boss Japan is included together with this sale as per the photo shown here. The default supply condition of the AC/DC adaptor reads "AC230V ~50Hz 8VA (DC9V - 200mA)". Kindly be informed that you're responsible to provide the correct voltage regulation to this unit to avoid any damages to this expandable multiple-effects unit and also to this original AC/DC adaptor. 

    Original user manual in good condition is also included in this sale.

    Thank you.

1994 Boss ME-X Expandable Multiple Effects JPN (VG) - SOLD