Designed to sound like a tube amplifier pushed to its breaking point, the Behringer Overdrive OD400 makes it easy to add new tones to your pedalboard. Guitarists agree the OD400 can add some impressive sustain to your guitar tone, and the tone control makes it easy to find the perfect amount of sonic brightness. Behringer's dual-stage overdrive circuit promises bigger, fuller sound with tube-like compression. Whether you use it with a clean amp tone, or to push a hot amp over the edge, there are a lot of sounds to explore with the Behringer Overdrive OD400. Behringer Overdrive OD400 Guitar Pedal Features at a Glance: Overdrive pedal for electric guitar with Level, Tone, and Drive controls Dual-stage overdrive circuit for big sound, tube-like compression, and impressive sustain Runs on 9V battery or 9V power supply (sold separately) Turn up your tone with the Behringer Overdrive OD400!

Behringer Overdrive OD-400 Pedal (G) - SOLD


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