Cut Out That Noise Take noisy buzz and hum out of your guitar signal, with the Behringer Noise Reducer NR300 pedal. Guitarists at Sweetwater know that guitars with single-coil pickups or high-gain amplifiers can create unwanted noise and hum, and the Behringer Noise Reducer NR300 is an effective solution for cleaning up your tone. Use the threshold and decay controls to dial in the perfect response, and use the send and return loop to cut noise from your effects pedals too. You can also set the Behringer Noise Reducer NR300 as a kill switch to instantly cut your signal out. Behringer Noise Reducer NR300 Pedal Features at a Glance: Noise reduction pedal for electric guitar Perfect for eliminating buzz and hum from single-coil pickups or noisy effects pedals Reduction mode eliminates noise, Mute mode acts as a kill switch for instant silence Integrate external effects with the Send/Return loop Dual LEDs for on/off and noise reduction status Cut the noise with the Behringer Noise Reducer NR300!

Behringer NR300 Noise Reducer (EXC) - SOLD