From electric to acoustic and back again with ease. Transform your favorite electric into a rich, full-bodied acoustic with the Behringer Acoustic Modeler AM400 effects pedal. Step on the AM400 and choose between four great-sounding acoustic models: Standard, Large, Piezo and Bright. AM400's secret weapon is Behringer Real Sound Modeling (RSM) technology, which allows this pedal to accurately simulate environmental acoustics. Just select one of the four models and use the dedicated Resonance, Level, and Attack controls to dial in your ultimate acoustic guitar tone. The AM400 even has its own onboard reverb, custom-tailored to add the perfect finishing touch to your new acoustic sounds. Thanks to its Out and DIR Out jacks, the AM100 functions very much like an A/B box. Just use the DIR Out to send your unprocessed electric guitar signal to your onstage amp, and the Out jack to send the processed acoustic signal to the main/monitor mixer(s). Need to rock? Your electric (both the guitar and the amp) is just a toe-tap away. A status LED lets you know when the AM400 is activated, and you can power it with either a 9V battery or our PSU-SB DC power supply (not included). A top-quality on/off switch maintains excellent signal integrity in bypass mode. 


Realistic acoustic modeling for any electric Real Sound Modeling (RSM) 4 authentic acoustic simulations 2 individual outputs Blue status LED for effect on/off and battery check High-quality components and rugged construction.

Behringer AM400 Ultra Acoustic Modeler (EXC) - SOLD


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