For any audio company, making the leap from the desktop to the listening room is not the simple, slam-dunk proposition it might appear to be. The goals are often at odds with each other and require different skill and feature sets. The desktop experience is more intimate and personal, while the listening room is more inclusive and often shared. Audioengine, however, is not just a loudspeaker company. With an innate grasp of the market, its strength as a desktop and personal listening specialist involves a panoply of products from powered speakers, to DACs, to wireless systems, to accessories, and cables. The new HD6 loudspeaker is arguably the most versatile piece of gear Audioengine has come up with yet. Powered, DAC-equipped, and Bluetooth-enabled, the two-way HD6 is comfortable on a desk or shelf, or flanking a flat panel, or set out in the room on a pair of stands. The HD6 is a crossover product like few others.

Audioengine HD6 Active Bluetooth Wireless Speakers (New) - SOLD


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