Well, this is a well worn out but great feel and monstrous tone ash bodied 1978 Fender Telecaster. 

Recently had a refret to medium jumbos, a new nut, and a perfect setup; so she plays very smoothly and has a tone to kill for!

The finish on the front was probably sanded partially by the previous owner and polished. The finish on the back and the rest of the body appears to be in original patina condition

Hardshell case not included in the sale. Photo for illustration purposes.

Other notable issues:

1. All the tuners are stock with exception of one (the gear has been changed out to new Fender reproduction; however, the cover is original). Another original tuner's string shaft at one end is broken but is able to hold the string in a stable manner therefore I left it on. A set of new Fender reproduction tuners is provided together with this sale.

2. The switch tip on it now is an original vintage from 1955.

3. The bottom jack cup appears to have an extra hex nut.

1978 Fender Telecaster Olympic White USA - SOLD


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