Here is a VINTAGE Fender F-80-12 solid top twelve string, with SOLID rosewood back & sides in good players condition and offered to a good home. It was Fender's top line 12 string during this era. Select solid spruce top, but also the rosewood sides and back appear to be solid tonal wood as well. Very nice. The condition is this: excellent.

 All in all very good playing condition. Frankly to me its very good to excellent for a 41 plus years old. Pretty much handbuilt, Japan.  Fancy, all jeweled up. Snowflake inlays, even on the bridge. Mother of pearl binding. The action for a twelve string is as low, fast, and clean as I've felt and heard. The saddle bone appears to never been touched, but I doubt anyone would want bone any lower as the action is great! The tone is what you would expect, exceptional. 

    This is an instrument to cherish and behold. Great and a must for fellow Fenderphiles. The values of these solid-top, notched head stock acoustic MIJ Fenders will increase similarly to the electrics from this period. But rightfully so as they are as good or better than many of the Guild, Gibson, and Martin's they compare with.  Comes with its all original hard shell case.


Due to the presence of rosewood, a CITES certificate is required for international borders shipment.


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Thank you.

1976 Fender 12 String Acoustic F-80-12 Japan (VG) - SOLD