Here's a very well preserved 1973 Fender Telecaster Custom USA in black finish. S/N: 528xxx. The present owner of this guitar had purchased it on an overseas trip in London UK many years ago. He is also a legendary local musician over here:

The neck position houses an original  Seth E. Lover of Gibson designed humbucker which provides clear and full tone. The original bridge pickup is classic Tele tone territory; snappy, bright, and bitey. It has the original 3 way Gibson Les Paul 'like' toggle switch which gives 3 mix-blend types of tone - neck, middle,  and bridge. All can be regulated with their individual pickups volume and tone controls.

Both the volume potentiometers date to 1973 which validates the vintage year of this Telecaster Custom. 

The fingerboard radius measures a vintage correct 7.25" using a Stewart MacDonald fingerboard radius gauge. The saddles have been setup to mirror this radius as well, giving the guitar a very comfortable and low action to play with.

This Telecaster Custom has recently been setup and strung with 9-42 pure nickel Rotosound strings for that vintage tone.

Minor issue to mention:

1. Close up inspection and under black light / UV light shows a small black color patch next to  the guitar's input jack on the bottom bout about 2.0" x 1.5" in area size (check photo). Nothing obtrusive as it's barely noticeable when in the playing position. Possibly a touch up done a long time ago.  Just thought I should mention this for absolute transparency as with all my sales ads.

This Telecaster Custom weighs in a very comfortable 7.3 Lbs / 3.32 kg on my luggage digital scale. Thus, this Telecaster Custom is a joy to handle and really makes you want to pick it up and play!

Comes with its all original black tolex Fender hardshell case with orange plush interior, and with a round sticker affixed (see photo of case).

You can definitely get your Brown Sugar kicks from this one!

CITES permit is required for international shipment due to the presence of rosewood. Your patience while we apply for the permit is much appreciated as we are only complying with international laws and regulations.  

The last CITES certificate was obtained within 7 working days. I would anticipate 14 working days as the maximum wait period for the permit subject to normal approval conditions. Thank you for your kind understanding.

As usual, kindly please read up and agree on my store's policies before committing to purchase this beautiful instrument.

As with all my previously sold guitars, this Telecaster Custom is no exception and she will be professionally packed for shipment.

You may check out the You Tube video below for sample of what the Tele is capable of :-) Enjoy.

Feel free to make me an honest but respectable offer for this Telecaster! 

Please understand that I am selling this guitar locally too so it's best to check with me if it's still available before you offer.

Kindly do message me if you need more details. Thank you for your time and interest.

1973 Fender Telecaster Custom USA (G) - SOLD


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