Today's offering: A very beautiful 1966 Fender Jaguar in Lake Placid Blue Metallic finish. The patina on the finish has turned into a pleasant Turqoise Green color. This has the desirable matching headstock. All original guitar with original hangtag and original hardshell case included in sale. Vintage certification provided by Cream City Music, WI.This 1966 Fender Jaguar was finished at the factory in custom color Lake Placid Blue Metallic. Lake Placid Blue Metallic (or, LPB) falls in the mid range of collectibility for custom colors. A custom color Fender guitar is certainly an upgrade from a standard color like Sunburst but some are more desirable and more rare than others. LPB was fairly common, but demand is high for this colour. The clearcoat was prone to fading to a yellow colour which causes many LPB finishes to turn green (as with this example). The finish under the pickguard is unexposed to UV from sunlight hence it is a more accurate representation of the original finish.


Professionally setup; play smoothly and sounds heavenly. Classic mojo from the 1960s indeed.


The weight of this guitar is 7.9 Lbs / 3.59 kg.


Thank you.

1966 Fender Jaguar Lake Placid Blue USA (VG)


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