Very cool 1962/63 Fender Tweed Champ.  This is the 5F1 model with Oxford speaker that sounds killer and cuts extremely well without flubbing out! Great price for a bite size classic!  Features: 5-watts, 8-inch speaker, two inputs, volume control. 

Dates to August of 1962 based on the tube chart. The serial no. on the top plate dates it to early 1963. Based on this, I can assume that the amp is of late 1962 / early 1963.

Original transformer and choke - dates to 1962.

Update 14 Dec 2015: Sadly the speaker no longer works - I think the voice coil is gone. I am selling this amp as is and leaving the option for the speaker replacement / speaker reconing to the new owner. Selling price has also been reduced to reflect on this malfunction.

The original tubes will be enclosed with the sale upon request.

Email me for more photos.

Late 1962 / Early 1963 Fender Tweed Champ USA - SOLD