Here's a circa 1962 Gibson ES-125TC hollow body electric guitar made in USA, for sale together with a non-original hard shell case as shown.


" 16 1/4” wide, single P90 PU, single bound top and back, unbound fingerboard, decal logo, sunburst finish. Cherry sunburst finish introduced in 1961. ES125 TC single PU model discontinued in 1970. "


Everything checks out to be original with the following exception:

1) Original thumb-wheels on the bridge did not come with guitar. Currently, some spacers substitute those thumb-wheels in place.

2) Non-original brown hard shell case.


The guitar currently plays fine with exception of some minor buzzing after the 12th fret onwards. For optimum playing comfort, a neck reset may be recommended. Nevertheless will leave it to the next owner to decide upon the next course of action.


Price of the guitar is taking into consideration of the repair (if needed to) and some non-original parts included in the sale. Else, this is a fine (almost all original) Gibson thin line from the early 1960s, suitable for playing (as is) or for collecting. 


Please feel free to ask me any questions that you may have for this guitar. I do welcome any requests for additional photos as well. Please inform me which photo angles you would like to have more details on and I would gladly oblige. 


You may feel free to also call us for a hand-in description.


Sorry, but no international borders shipping for this guitar.  
This is due to the presence of Brazilian rosewood on this guitar and in accordance to the CITES international convention.

Only local pickup option or domestic shipment option are available. 


Thank you for your kind interest in this 1962 Gibson ES-125TC USA thin line electric guitar.

1962 Gibson ES-125 TC USA (G) - SOLD


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