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    Pro. Guitar Repairs 
(wef.  1 Jan 2023)


Electric Guitars - Hard Tail, Vintage Tremolo, Bigsby Equipped, Trapeze Tailpiece, Stop Tailpiece / Tune-O-Matic, Maestro Vibrolla, Floyd Rose, and etc.  (Fender Stratocaster, Fender Telecaster, Fender Jaguar, Fender Jazzmaster, Gibson Les Paul,  Gibson ES series, Gibson SG, Gibson Firebird, Gibson Flying V, Gibson Explorer, Gretsch, Paul Reed Smith, Jackson, Rickenbacker, Guild, Hamer, The Heritage, Ibanez, Epiphone, Yamaha, Hofner, Cort, Eastman, & most other makes.)

Acoustic & Classical Guitars - Steel Strings & Nylon Strings (Martin, Gibson, Taylor, Paul Reed Smith, National Dobro, Fender, Gretsch, Guild, Collings, Breedlove, Froggy Bottom, Santa Cruz, Lowden, Maton, Adamas, Ovation, Takamine, Washburn, Furch, Yamaha, Epiphone, Cort, Eastman, Farida, Jose Ramirez, Alhambra, and most other makes of Classicals, Flamencos, Archtops, Resonators, & etc.)

Bass Guitars - Electric & Acoustic types (Fender Precision, Fender Jazz, Gibson EB-3, Gretsch Electromatic, Vox Phantom, Rickenbacker, Yamaha, most other makes of 4 Strings, 5 Strings, & 6 Strings)

Mandolins & Ukeleles - Electric & Acoustic types (Gibson, & etc.)

Others - Let's see what you got... Kindly enquire within!


**Examples of Structural Repairs Labour Pricing List:

1. Acoustic Guitar Bridge Detached From Body: RM 200/-

2. Classical Guitar Bridge Detached From Body: RM 200/-

3. Acoustic Bass Guitar Bridge Detached From Body: RM 200/-

4. Acoustic / Classical / Bass Bracing Loose / Detached: RM 150/-
   (per bracing)

5. Broken Headstock: Starts from RM 250/- onwards...

6. Cavity Filling / Patching (body, neck, headstock, bridge): RM 150/- 

7. Peeled / Delaminated Binding: RM 150/-

8. Cracks: Starts from RM 150/-

9. Inlay Detached From Fingerboard: RM 100/- (per inlay)

10. Loose Strap Button / Install New Strap Button: RM 50/- (per strap

Kindly please enquire within if you have other repair needs which are not included here. Thank you!

** These prices exclude any new parts or components which are necessary for the success of the repairs mentioned herewith.



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